Doreen & Dave Ostroke

Dave started at CSU in the mid 70s and was the first of his family to attend a university after high school.

In his junior year, he was hired at a new position with the University Police Department as an evening safety escort. Shortly after, he took the test to became a police officer.

Doreen also came to CSU in the later 70s and was also the first of her family of nine to go on to higher education.

Dave isn’t sure when he first exactly met Doreen.

“It might have been when I was getting a cup of coffee or providing money escorts from University Center to Fenn Tower cash drop box. Either way, she was — and is — young and beautiful and filled with fun,” he said. “I found myself having a bit more coffee, and even hanging around CSU after work. We became friends, and started going out. It was a nice time to be alive and she made life even better by being such a good friend.”

Doreen and Dave got married in 1980 and have two children, whom they are both proud to say both attended and graduated from CSU.

Their children are both married and Doreen and Dave have 2 grandsons… …perhaps future CSU Vikings.


Ashley & Brad

It took Brad and Ashley six months to talk to each other.

Becky & Chris

Becky knew she would marry Chris the first day they hung out.