Alice & Dezso

Alice would hide at the bottom of the Fenn Tower staircase, hoping to bump into him.

Edward & Linda

Ed and Linda hung out in Stilwell Hall cafeteria, sharing PB & J sandwiches.

Randy & Mary Lou

Their romance began when Mary Lou joined Randy’s intramural volleyball team.

Heather & Bryan

The two bonded over Rascal House pizza after advising freshmen.

Ashley & Brad

It took Brad and Ashley six months to talk to each other.

Becky & Chris

Becky knew she would marry Chris the first day they hung out.

Vicki & Jack

Jack and Vicki met while studying at Mather Mansion.

Amanda & Aric

Aric was on the wrestling team and Amanda on the volleyball team at CSU.

Julie & Josh

Candy conversation hearts on Valentine’s Day led to marriage.

Kelcey & Josh

Athletics brought them together. Now they’re married with a new baby.

Megan & Nick

Megan and Nick made sure when they got married to return where it all started.

Janet & Jayson

Janet and Jayson initially didn’t want to be anything more than friends.

Cindy & Craig

Returning from an unfulfilling year at Ohio University, Cindy enrolled at CSU.

Diane & Ed

The two met because of Diane’s aversion to litter.

Kelly & Marcus

Love didn’t blossom until a chance encounter after they graduated.

Rick & Christine

Rick’s very first impression of Christine was likely her questionable parking skills.

Danielle & Joseph

We are so grateful that we were brought together by a chance meeting at CSU.

Leah & Vince

They were actually featured in a Valentine’s Day story in the Cauldron.

Randy & Tom

A missed seminar, student government and Facebook were the recipe for love.

Jenny & Cody

Who knew borrowing a bottle of laundry detergent would lead to love?

Samantha & Kirk

To put it lightly, Samantha was not a fan of Kirk when they met.

Leanne & Chip

They actually met in preschool and were childhood sweethearts.

S. Park & W. Jun

Within a month of meeting at Cleveland-Marshall, these two got married.

Stacey & Ryan

Basketball, burgers and Becky’s brought these two together.

Alicia & Anthony

Their love has weathered many a storm, including his life-threatening brain tumor.

Nina & Scott

Was Nina making a fashion statement or did she actually get dressed in the dark?

Trina & Gerald

They found each other on campus, drifted apart, but eventually reconnected.

Jessica & Chris

The basketball player and cheerleader met in the Wolstein Center.

Doreen & Dave

Doreen and Dave have two children, who both attended and graduated from CSU.

Eden & Matt

Eden and Matt found love in the CSU Math Learning Center.

Laurie & Tom

Tom’s first words to Laurie: “You have masculine hand writing.”

Mary & George

On their 10th anniversary, George sent roses to the friend that introduced them.