Casse & Spencer Gang

Casse and Spencer met while pursuing their undergraduate degrees at CSU.

Both were involved in the Greek community and spent much of their free time organizing and participating in events for their organizations.

Spencer worked for the IS&T department as an undergraduate, and before graduating received a full-time position as a software developer with a company nearby.

Casse began working for the Parking Services department as a freshman and was hired as a full-time staff member there almost a year before graduation. She currently works there while pursing her MBA.

Because of their roots at Cleveland State, the couple held their wedding on campus in September 2019.

“Thanks to the wonderful staff involved it was a dream come true! Cleveland State University will always hold a special place in our hearts!” Casse said.


Kelly & Marcus

Love didn’t blossom until a chance encounter after they graduated.

Rick & Christine

Rick’s very first impression of Christine was likely her questionable parking skills.