S. Park & W. Jun

 S. Park and W. Jun met at the Cleveland Marshall College of Law in August 2006 and were in the same section at the law school.

As they got to know each other, they realized that they could both speak Korean.

They spent a lot of time together studying and learning how to think like lawyers and soon realized that they could be great partners together.

Within a month of studying together, they decided to get married.

What may seem like a crazy decision to some ended up as the perfect start to a great life for the two lovebirds. They got married in October 2006 and had a civil ceremony with just the two of them.

After the ceremony was over, they had to rush back to class.

Since then, they have been happily married.


Megan & Nick

Megan and Nick made sure when they got married to return where it all started.

Janet & Jayson

Janet and Jayson initially didn’t want to be anything more than friends.