Edward and Linda Jurlina Baznik

Linda (BA ’80) and Ed (BS ’79, MS ’83) were introduced on a blind date in 1975 by fellow students at CSU. He was an Electrical Engineering major while she was in the Occupational Therapy Program.

They hung out in Stilwell Hall cafeteria, paying 3 cents for a cup of hot water, bringing their own tea bags and sharing her bagged PB&J sandwiches. Ed’s classes were in Stilwell while Linda’s were in Fenn Tower. They played racquetball, skied at Bristol Mountain with Ski Club and went to cheap movies in the Cage. The pair commuted by bus and were stranded on campus in the Blizzard of January 1978. President Watjaen did not close CSU until 11 a.m and Linda had an Anatomy final that day. She had exactly $2 with her and had a fellow physical therapy student friend with whom she spent the $2 drinking tea in a Chinese restaurant for hours waiting for a bus on Public Square. Since the buses didn’t run well in snowstorms back to where she lived in Seven Hills, she would often spend the night at Ed’s parent’s house in Euclid where she admits she probably wore out her welcome. The pair had a lot of friends who rode the RTA together with them.

Ed and Linda proudly shared a common Slovenian background. They got married in 1981 and later had four children.

“Go Vikings! CSU gave us a Best Value Education, a long marriage and lifelong therapy and engineering friends. What more could anyone ask for?” Linda said.


Kelly & Marcus

Love didn’t blossom until a chance encounter after they graduated.

Rick & Christine

Rick’s very first impression of Christine was likely her questionable parking skills.

Danielle & Joseph

We are so grateful that we were brought together by a chance meeting at CSU.