Danielle & Joseph

Danielle and Joseph’s love story began when they met at CSU’s Recreation Center in 2009. Sharing a love for fitness, they had both chosen to get part time jobs there.

One day, Danielle was giving a tour to some potential clients and decided to say hello to Joe, a new employee, who was working out at the time.

They became friends and over a period of several months, discovered that they had a lot in common. A few group outings turned into one-on-one dinners and eventually the two decided to become a couple. Joe supported Danielle in her final year of graduate school, traveling to Florida to visit her on her clinical affiliation and welcoming her home for graduation. At that point, they knew it was meant to be.

They continued to date for the remainder of Joe’s college education and got engaged and married in 2013.

“Cleveland has always been home to both of us, and we have so many amazing memories of time in downtown, especially at CSU.We are so grateful that we were brought together by a chance meeting at CSU, and we cannot wait to show our 2 month old son where mommy and daddy met,” the couple said.


Julie & Josh

Candy conversation hearts on Valentine’s Day led to marriage.