Stacey & Ryan Aroney

After graduating in 2007, Ryan stayed involved on campus, taking grad classes and working at the CSU Recreation Center.

Part of his responsibilities included checking out equipment, such as two-way radios, to staff at the beginning of each shift. In late 2008, while working the opening shift, he noticed a nice new employee named Stacey who was interning on the aquatics side. She always seemed to greet him with a smile and polite conversation.

One day, he finally realized that he should ask her out instead of simply passing her the radio and saying “have a nice day”. Like any true Cleveland State Viking, he invited her to join him at the next night’s basketball game at the Wolstein Center and maybe a burger and some curly fries at Becky’s after.

“Luckily for me she said yes, and while watching the game together I quickly realized this girl knew her hoops. She was calling out plays, cheering loudly and even heckling the refs. I instantly became smitten,” Ryan said.

Although the Vikings lost that game to Butler on a half court buzzer beater, he was somehow able to keep his cool. They had a great time at the game and ended the night with their first of many trips together to Becky’s. The two have been inseparable ever since.

“Almost ten years later, we’re happily married and plan on spending this Valentine’s Day celebrating in the most romantic of ways – over a burger and curly fries at Becky’s,” he said.

Cindy & Craig

Returning from an unfulfilling year at Ohio University, Cindy enrolled at CSU.

Diane & Ed

The two met because of Diane’s aversion to litter.