Leanne & Chip Hautala

Leanne and Chip actually met in preschool and were childhood sweethearts.

In second grade at Pearl Road Elementary in Parma Heights, Chip told her that when he grew up he was was going to marry her. She promptly kicked him in the shins and called him a “stinkpot” before running away.

They were best friends, but were separated in fifth grade when her parents moved the family to Strongsville.

Their paths crossed years later in 1983 at the CSU bus stop next to the Main Classroom. Leanne thought Chip looked familiar and approached him to confirm his identity.

Turns out, they were in several classes together at CSU and even rode the same bus home, the 51X. They started dating, were engaged within a month and have been married over 35 years.

“CSU and that bus stop changed my whole life for the better that day and gave me a life worth living with my best friend, my wife Leanne,” Chip said.


Kelcey & Josh

Athletics brought them together. Now they’re married with a new baby.

Megan & Nick

Megan and Nick made sure when they got married to return where it all started.

Janet & Jayson

Janet and Jayson initially didn’t want to be anything more than friends.